Mosier is just 5 miles from Hood River and an hour from Portland on the Columbia River. With population 485, we have possibly the highest number of entrepreneurs and cherry orchards. Plus over 200 days of sun per year.

Essential Resonance Sound Therapy

Frans Bosman, Sound Healing Practitioner
Essential Resonance Sound Healing and Therapies
P.O Box 510
Mosier OR 97040
frans [at] essentialresonance.com

Located in the Columbia Gorge Scenic Area in Oregon, among tall pines, native oaks, wildflowers and wildlife, our institute offers therapeutic applications of sound and music, for healing and well being on all levels of our existence.

Some of the health issues we work with: Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Fibromyalgia and related problems, Nervous System issues, Pain control, Energy issues, Circulation, Emotional states, Circumstances of surgery, Chakra balancing, Learning disabilities, Stress and anxiety issues, Hemispheric synchronization, and States of consciousness