Azure Standard Mosier Group

Azure Standard Majestic Co-op Order Group G-1
Delivery Route Mosier Oregon
Tami Berthold is the drop point manager for the group
phone 541-478-3312

A small group of Mosier residents have been ordering from Azure Standard for many years. We order once per month (usually the first week) and the orders are dropped off at Mosier Community School. We are looking for more people to order with us to help meet the minimum delivery amount of $550. Each individual must order $50 to have them package your order separately. For those who are not familiar with Azure Standard it is a supplier of healthy food established in 1987 in Dufur, OR. They have grown over the years and now supply health foods stores around the nation with healthy organic food.

Ordering can be done by phone 971-200-8350, by fax 971-645-4759, by mail 79709 Dufur Valley Rd, Dufur, OR 97021 or on the web at All you have to do is contact them to set up an account and tell them you are part of Majestic Co-op in Mosier on the G-1 delivery route. Our drop point number is 12327 which you will need to set up your account.