Resource Revival

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Resource Revival
P O Box 440
Mosier, OR 97040

Resource Revival makes promotional products like keychains and bottle openers, medals for bike rides and races, and a line of gifts including clocks, decorative bowls and photo frames. All of our products are made in USA from recycled bicycle parts. Our satisfied customers include Google, Clif Bar, Whole Foods, Bosch Tool and hundreds more. We were founded in Portland in 1994 and moved to Mosier in 2004. We collect tons of used bike parts every month from bike shops all over the US.


1 thought on “Resource Revival

  1. Hello, my name is Bob Thayer. I have been I Hood River for 28 years building custom homes.
    I got a gift six or so years ago of a bike sprocket clock. It’s very cool and I love it. Get’s lots of positive comments.
    I think this may be where it was bought?
    The hands on the clock are broken, as they won’t stay on shaft. It might be simple fix? I haven’t had any luck fixing it.
    I was hopeful of finding person/ persons that built it so I can get it repaired. I would appreciate word back, yay or nay that you can help me. Thank you.

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